FUZIPOP! is a series of events focused on the celebration of music, dance & community for the next generation of city kids. This new generation has inspired us to provide a proper venue for them to experience what was once only available to the select few.

Imagine an event where kids and parents together can listen & dance to DJs playing the latest in electronic music, alongside their favorite pop hits, while also seeing a live performance and experience a nightclub environment in a safe controlled daytime setting.

We, the founders of FUZIPOP!, are parents, DJ’s & music executives who have extensive backgrounds in electronic music, nightclub promotions, marketing and management, and are answering the call from our kids who constantly demand, “We want to have a dance party!”

Our goal is to provide an amazing afternoon experience of electronic music, dancing, live performances, art and socializing for the entire family. We want to inspire the next generation of DJs, music producers, artists, dancers and music business moguls. Growing up in New York City is a unique one-of-a-kind experience and city kids deserve an event of the same stature.

We are committed to supporting & educating children about the fine arts and want to provide a creative outlet where they can be who they want to be without being judged.

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